Weed Abatement

The Program

The primary purpose of the fire district’s Weed Abatement Program is to limit the potential sources of fuel for fire through the abatement of combustible rubbish and vegetation.

The most important person in protecting houses from wildfire is not a firefighter, but the property owner. It is the action taken by the owner before the wildfire occurs that is most critical. Everyone needs to know about defensible space.


What is Considered a Weed?

“Weeds” means all wild plants growing upon the streets or private property in this jurisdiction. It includes sagebrush, chaparral (chamise, coyote brush, greasewood, broom brush, buckwheat), dry grass, stubble, brush, litter, or other flammable materials which endanger the public safety by creating a fire hazard.

Property owners are ultimately responsible for managing their vegetation to meet fire district requirements.