Scotts Valley Fire Protection District

Four Scotts Valley Fire District engines lined up

Established in 1958, the Scotts Valley Fire District provides fire and emergency services to the City and community of Scotts Valley as well as the adjacent unincorporated areas of Santa Cruz County. Utilizing two full time stations with 7 pieces of apparatus, the District serves nearly 20,000 residents within its 24 square mile boundaries. The District has 28 full time employees, one part time, and 7 paid-call firefighters which provide a variety of services which include fire suppression, emergency medical services, administration, technical rescue, hazardous materials mitigation, public education, fire investigation, and fire prevention. Daily emergency response consists of 7 firefighters and one Battalion Chief. Added to this, the Scotts Valley Fire District has Mutual Aid Agreements with neighboring fire suppression organizations to further strengthen the emergency services available to our customers.

The District’s administration located at 7 Erba Ln. in Scotts Valley is open Monday through Thursday 7am – 4pm, and Friday 8am-12:00 pm, excluding holidays. The Fire District is governed by a board of 5 directors elected to 4 year terms. Registered voters within the District elect fellow constituent candidates to a four year term. Being that we are an autonomous special district, all funding is received from property taxes. We do not receive any funding from the City of Scotts Valley.

Mission Statement

To Protect Lives, the Environment, and Property.



To prevent fires through:

  • Education of the hazards of, and behaviors that lead to, uncontrolled fires
  • Fire protection planning of the community and buildings
  • Development and enforcement of codes and ordinances related to fire safety

To suppress fires through:

  • Rapid response, intervention and mitigation of all uncontrolled fires
  • Providing an adequate number of high caliber personnel with exceptional fire suppression training
  • Use of apparatus and equipment of the appropriate kind and type

To provide rescue and emergency medical services:

  • With the highest level of service possible
  • Providing high caliber personnel with exceptional EMS training
  • With apparatus and equipment of the appropriate kind and type

To provide response to hazardous material releases:

  • Providing high caliber personnel with exceptional hazardous material training
  • With apparatus and equipment of the appropriate kind and type

To respond to disasters through:

  • Community education related to disaster preparedness
  • Planning for any potential disaster
  • Adequate training for personnel related to disaster planning and operations

To provide other emergency services to the community as required.

  • Maintain a high level of readiness
  • Assure all personnel are adequately trained for their job
  • Treat everyone with respect and kindness
  • Treat people fairly and reasonably
  • Control costs providing the best service possible for each dollar
  • Provide the best service possible to anyone who needs it
  • Maintain a professional personal appearance
  • Maintain apparatus and equipment for a high degree of readiness
  • Maintain facilities to assure functionality and professional appearance
  • Support other agencies’ mission(s)
  • Develop and maintain a high degree of cooperation with other agencies