Current Policies

Please see the below policies for the Scotts Valley Fire District

Policy #DescriptionRevised
100Authority and Scope3/23/1998
101Policy Revision, Elimination, and Additions9/8/2004
300Mission, Purpose, and Values3/23/1998
400Organizational Chart10/12/2005
400AOrganizational Chart10/12/2005
401Fire District Divisions11/14/2007
500Fire Chief Duty Statement3/23/1998
501Operations Chief Duty Statement4/9/2003
502Training & Safety Chief Duty Statement4/9/2003
503Fire Marshal Duty Statement11/9/2005
504Duty Chief Duty Statement4/13/2005
505Deputy Fire Marshal Duty Statement3/23/1998
506Company Officer Duty Statement2/13/2008
507Engineer Duty Statement4/9/2003
508Firefighter II Duty Statement3/23/1998
509Firefighter I Duty Statement3/23/1998
510Paid Call Firefighter (PCF) Duty Statement10/10/2018
511Hazardous Materials Team Member Duty Statement2/13/2008
512Mechanic Duty Statement4/9/2003
513Paramedic Duty Statement2/13/2008
514Fire Corp Volunteer Duty Statement4/12/2006
515Volunteer Firefighter Duty Statement10/10/2018
600Chain of Command11/14/2007
601Responsibilities of all Fire District Officers3/23/1998
602Command of Emergencies4/9/2003
603Acting Officers11/14/2007
700Fire Prevention Division Policies3/23/1998
800Rules of Conduct4/13/2005
801Drugs and Alcohol (FORM)10/13/2004
802Harassment 8/11/2004
803Open Reporting8/11/2004
804Anti-Retaliation 8/11/2004
806Violence / Threats of Violence8/11/2004
807No Smoking Policy6/8/2005
900Disciplinary Action (FORM)1/12/2005
901Grievances of Disciplinary Action 3/23/1998
902Grievance Procedure (FORM)6/9/1999
903Complaints and Complaint Investigation (FORM)1/12/2005
904Exit Interview8/11/2004
1000Performance Evaluations3/23/1998
1100Sick Leave10/14/1998
1101Sick Leave Payoff10/11/2000
1102Vacation Leave3/23/1998
1103Leaves of Absence2/10/1999
1104Family Medical Leave10/13/2004
1105Military Leave10/13/2004
1106Industrial Disability and Workers’ Compensation Leave4/9/2003
1107Light Duty Assignments9/12/2012
1108Jury Duty3/23/1998
1111Catastrophic Leave4/9/2003
1112Paid Sick Leave for Part-Time and Temporary Employees6/10/2015
1200Personnel Assignment4/9/2003
1201Personnel Recall3/23/1998
1202Work Period Designation12/13/2006
1203Residency Requirements for Career Personnel12/13/2006
1300Standard Operations Procedure Manual 3/23/1998
1400Personnel Files9/8/2004
1401Hours of Work and Scheduling8/8/2018
1403Injury and Illness Prevention6/11/2014
1500Hiring Practices12/10/2008
1501Entry Level Firefighter or Firefighter/Paramedic Hiring12/10/2008
1503Personnel Layoffs9/1/1998
1504Temporary Position3/23/1998
1505Career Development Guide
Attachment 1, Attachment 2
1506Paid Call Firefighter (PCF) Hiring2/8/2017
1507Re-employment Policy4/19/2003
1508Fire Corps Volunteer Hiring4/12/2006
1509Policy 1509 Volunteer Hiring10/10/2018
1601Travel Request and Expense Reimbursement
(FORM1), (FORM2)
1603Waiver of Fees3/23/1998
1604Depreciation Policy4/14/2004
1605Fiscal Accountability2/1/2006
1606Petty Cash Fund  (FORM1)9/12/2012
1607Unclaimed Warrants (Exhibits 1-4)2/9/2011
1700Job Descriptions6/11/2008
1701Fire Chief Job Description4/4/2017
1703Battalion Chief Job Description1/11/2017
1705Fire Captain Job Description1/11/2017
1706Engineer Job Description1/11/2017
1708Firefighter Job Description1/11/2017
1709Paramedic Job Description11/14/2007
1711Administrative Secretary Job Description9/10/2003
1712Secretary / Receptionist Job Description11/13/2013
1713Paid Call Firefighter (PCF) Job Description2/8/2017
1714Temporary Fire Inspector Job Description9/10/2003
1715Temporary Hydrant Maintenance Worker Job Description9/10/2003
1716Fire Marshal Job Description11/9/2005
1717Fire Corp Volunteer Job Description4/12/2006
1718Fire Inspector Job Description6/11/2008
1800Retention and Destruction of Fire District Records9/10/2003
1801Tape Recording Board Meeting and Retention of Tapes9/12/2012
1802Meeting Room Use (Attachment 1-2) 8/11/2004
1900Mutual Aid / Automatic Aid6/11/2003
1902Hazardous Materials Response Policy3/23/1998
2000Conflict of Interest8/8/2018
2100Policy for Conducting Board Meetings9/12/2012
2101Committees of the Board of Directors 9/12/2012
2102Board Meeting Conduct9/12/2012
2103Board of Directors Job Description9/12/2012
2104Board of Directors Compensation / Benefit & Expense Reimbursement10/14/2015
2105Board Meeting Agenda Distribution & Board Packets9/12/2012
2106Protocols for Televising Board Meetings9/12/2012
2107Board Access to the Attorney9/12/2012