Fire Code

Scotts Valley Fire Protection District has adopted by local ordinance the 2015 edition of the International Fire Code with California amendments. In November 2016 the District’s Board of Directors adopted Ordinance 2016-1. Ordinance 2016-1 is a combination of the California Fire Code and District amendments. The Ordinance shows which sections of the California Fire Code were adopted and any changes that were made. In addition, the District has adopted a set of Fire Prevention Standards published by the Santa Cruz County Fire Prevention Officers association. These regulations are used to enforce fire and life safety codes during occupancy inspections and building construction. To view the District’s ordinances or the 2016 California Fire Code click and the links provided below.

Ordinance 2016-1 (PDF)

SVFPD 2016 Ordinance 2016-1

2016 California Fire Code (Link)

2016 CA Fire Code