Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Residential Carbon Monoxide Detector Guidelines

Smoke Detector

Detector Installation

  • On a wall about five feet above from floor level.
  • It is recommended installing the detector at least 6 inches from all exterior walls and at least 3 feet from HVAC vents.
  • Each floor needs its own set of monoxide detectors when required by building codes.
  • Follow manufacturer's recommendations or follow guidelines by Standard 720 of the National Fire Protection Association.

Detector Requirements

  • Install outside each sleeping area
  • Install on every level of home

Carbon Monoxide(CO) is the “Invisible”Killer

Carbon monoxide is a colorless
and odorless gas.

If you suspect that you are experiencing CO poisoning, get fresh air immediately. Leave the home and call for assistance from a neighbor’s home.

You could lose consciousness and die from CO poisoning if you stay in the home.